In general, healthy adults without any eye or medical problems between the ages 20-45 should have a dilated eye exam every 5 years. Patients who wear eyeglasses or contacts should have their eyes checked and measured annually. If someone is over 45, has diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension, or other eye problem, they should be seen annually even if they have no eye problems. Patients with active eye problems or change in vision or other medical problems should consult with their doctor.

To learn about nutrition for vision, children’s eye health, the nature of optical refractive errors requiring glasses (such as nearsightedness or astigmatism), dry eye, or eye inflammation, please see the links to the right.  We also have a section on Frequently Asked Questions about eye health. 

Dr. Ambati offers routine eye exams at his Eugene practice. This is a great way to be seen by a highly-skilled ophthalmologist who will thoroughly address all of your eye care needs. Below is a brief video on a talk I gave overviewing common eye problems for a general audience. 

Here are some Easy Eye Tests Online