Much as the eye is the “window to the soul”, the cornea is the clear window to the eye (allowing and focusing light into the eye) and a mirror in which we can see ourselves in the eyes of another. Its clarity and shape are essential to vision. It protects the eye from the external world and hence can be damaged by infection, injury, chemical burn, sunlight-induced growths, contact lens overwear, cancers, or various inherited or acquired diseases. When any of these occur, the cornea can become scarred, thinned, swollen, or roughened. Any of these can compromise vision.

Dr. Ambati in Eugene is a cornea specialist with over a dozen years of experience who treat patients with corneal conditions with the right blend of time, medicines, lasers, or surgical options such as full or partial-thickness transplantation.  Corneal diseases often need months or years of close care and follow-up, and can involve other structures of the eye, including the sclera (wall of the eye), iris (colored part of the eye), and lens.  Dr. Ambati has long experience in repairing the cornea and its neighboring structures, and has taken on complex cornea challenges across the US and around the world in Zambia, Panama Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India.

Dr. Ambati discovered what keeps the cornea clear and uses the insights from research along with wide and deep clinic experience to translate and develop into new, advanced treatments for his patients in Eugene. 

Dr. Ambati discussing the difference between the cornea and lens of your eye.