2. If you should experience persistent or severe pain in the operated eye or progressive loss of sight in the eye, sudden flashing lights or burst of floaters, or pus coming out of the eye, contact us immediately. Call 801-581-2352 during business hours, or at night. Ask to speak with the eye doctor (ophthalmologist) on call. The doctor will arrange to see you immediately, and can get in touch with me.
  3. Wear the shield to bed at night for two weeks and continue wearing glasses during the day. Extra tape is in the kit.
  4. You may sleep on either side with as many or as few pillows as you wish as long as you are wearing the shield.
  5. Wash hair with head back only for one week. It's OK to shower, but avoid soap or shampoo in the operated eye, and be careful not to rub it in the shower.
  6. Avoid lifting above 10 pounds for two weeks (if you are straining very hard to lift, it's too heavy; if it's easy to lift, it's OK.)
  7. Allow at least 5 minutes between using the different drops. You can gently pull down your lower lid, pressing on the cheekbone, to get more room to put in the drops, but don't touch your upper lid.

Unless otherwise directed, For Cornea Transplant Patients:

  1. Follow-up with me day after surgery and in 2 weeks
  2. Pred-Forte (steroid; milky liquid; white or pink cap) - one drop 8 times/day (every 2 hours while awake) in operated eye until you see me
  3. Vigamox (antibiotic; tan/brown top; clear liquid) - one drop 4 times/day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime) in operated eye until you see me


If you have any concerns or feel like you would like to speak with an eye doctor, please don't hesitate to call the ophthalmologist on call at our Eugene practice.