Unfortunately, not everyone interested in LASIK is a candidate. Dr. Ambati & his staff in Eugene provide careful screening to ensure that anyone who we perform LASIK on can undergo it safely and effectively. During the screening process, we take the time to carefully examine the patient’s power, corneal thickness, and shape; too high of a power, insufficient thickness, or an unusual shape may increase risks and mean one is a not a candidate for LASIK.

However, there are LASIK alternatives for patients in these situations which can still reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses. These include PRK  Visian ICL , and Intacs. Each of these have been around for years and have certain pros and cons; we will discuss with you which of these could be best and right for your eyes.   

Photorefractive Keratectomy, or PRK, is often recommended for patients who have thinner corneas or severe dry eye.

Visian ICL is an intraocular contact lens used in cases where LASIK is not preferred but there is a need to correct nearsightedness.

Intacs may be usd instead of LASIK to correct keratoconus or astigmatism with the use of rings to control the shape of the cornea.