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Greetings from Paris

Created on: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I arrived last Thursday for the Macula of Paris conference, which convenes some of the best vision scientists in the world to discuss advances in macular degeneration.  The theme of the conference, and one of the exciting new techniques being demonstrated in Europe was the use of OCT angiography, a new way of looking at retinal blood vessels without injecting dye into a patient's vein. 

Such imaging would allow careful non-invasive monitoring of macular degeneration and other disorders (as well as yield pretty pictures). Ophthalmology remains a dynamic field on the cutting edge. 

Sadly, Paris has been through a lot the last few days, and the day of the conference was punctuated by police sirens every few minutes and breathless updates on the terrorist attack on the kosher supermarket a few miles away.  While we were never in any danger, it was a sorry sight to see Paris admitted into the sorrowful fraternité of other cities like New York, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, and London that have been similarly victimized. Yet the French are a strong people, and through their strength I am sure they will find the resolve necessary to sustain liberté

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