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The Gift of Sight for a Young Boy with Down's Syndrome

Created on: Monday, December 22, 2014

 I had a patient who was a young boy earlier this year who had Down's syndrome, in which it is common for patients to rub their eyes a lot. Excessive eye-rubbing can cause thinning and buckling of the window of th eye, the cornea, transforming it from a sphere into a cone, which can compromise vision.  He was not able to tolerate a contact lens and was not a good candidate for cornea transplant, given his eye-rubbing.  I contacted one of my colleagues in Greece who is one of the leaders in new procedures called collagen crosslinking and topo-guided laser correction of the cornea, which together can reshape and strengthen the cornea (hopefully these procedures will be approved and available in the US in the next couple of years). Here is the story: 


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